Choosing Free Email Service

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Choosing a free email service is sometimes hard. There are so many email providers that offer free services out there, but not all people like their service and there are many various reviews in the internet and that make us sometimes confuse to choose the free email service.

Then what should we do? There are actually no exact way to find the best free email service because each person has different preference and opinion. But maybe these tips can help you to decide which email service you should choose.

The first thing you should do is checking their website. If the website is designed beautifully or easy to navigate then they probably also have a good email service which also designed like their website. The point here is, if they care to their service then they will also care to their website as their customers’ landing page. It is also good if you check their rank on Alexa, because if this email service is popular, then it could mean that it doesn’t have many big issues and problems.

The next thing to do is gathering as many technical information about the email services and then compare their features. Storage size is an important factor. The bigger the storage, then the better it is. Spamfilter is also a must-have feature, because nowadays there are so many spams and we don’t want our inbox full of spam, do we? It is also better if the email service allows IMAP so you could sync all of your mail and data anywhere anytime with any of your devices. But the most important thing is the security and privacy because what we really need is a private and secure email

And maybe you want to find an ads-free email service? Well that may be possible. However, an ads-free free email service is very hard to find because they get the money to host their customers’ email only from the ads, even though we all hate ads. So maybe it is better if you download an extension like Ad-Block for your browser to block many ads.

The other features like the provided email address domain and inbox’s design are up to your preference.

Those are some tips to choose your email services. Hope this article could help you to find the right email service.




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