Related – List of Email Service is provided by Safe-mail. All information here is summarized from Safe-Mail Website.

Provided Email Address Domain provides


  • Safe-Mail implements the strongest available encryption methods to achieve maximum security.
  • Safe-Mail simplifies the user experience to the point where the security layer requires no special computer skills to manipulate complex encryption components.
  • Safe-Mail costs considerably less than the deployment of conventional client/server email systems.
  • Can be accessed from any location using any device/operating system with an Internet connection and without making any installation or preparation to the local machine. There are no downloads and no cookies.
  • Safe-Mail is fully compatible with all other email systems and protocols.
  • Provides a huge range of functionality beyond “e-mail” giving people and businesses a protected, regularly backed up, online (virtual) space in which data may be securely communicated, stored and shared with others.

Service Plans and Price

Safe-Mail offers:

Free – Free

Storage Plus:

  • Bronze – $25/year
  • Silver – $35/year
  • Ruby – $60/year
  • Emerald – $95/year
  • Gold – $140/year
  • Platinum – $240/year
  • Diamond – $400/year

Safe-Mail for Business:

  • Iron – $150/year
  • Bronze – $250/year
  • Silver – $550/year
  • Ruby – $1,000/year
  • Gold – $1,900/year


  • Iron – $225/year
  • Bronze – $375/year
  • Silver – $825/year
  • Ruby – $1,500/year
  • Gold – $2,850/year

Safe-Mail Plans Comparison

Free – 3 MB storage

Storage Plus


Safe-Mail for Business








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