Lycos Mail Overview

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Lycos Mail is provided by Lycos, Inc. All information here is summarized from Lycos Mail website.

Provided Email Address Domain

Lycos Mail provides


  • Lycos Mail provides you with access to your personal information from any browser either on your desktop or your mobile devices. The Lycos Mail application enables you to read your email, and send messages, manage your mail preferences, view and manage your contacts.
  • The Calendar component allows you to view your events in multiple formats.
  • The RSS Feeds section allows you to view news or content feeds to which you’ve subscribed.
  • The maximum size for email messages, including any attachments, is 35 MB
  • Lycos Mail provides you the ability to use filters to sort and order incoming mail
  • Advance Spam Filtering
  • Virus checking
  • Domain/Address blocking

Service Plans

Lycos Mail offers Mail Free and Mail Plus


  • Mail Free – Free
  • Mail Plus – $4.95/month (monthly plan) or $19.95/year (yearly plan)

Lycos Mail Plans Comparison




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