Hushmail Overview

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Hushmail is provided by Hush Communications Canada Inc. All information here is summarized from Hushmail website.

Provided Email Address Domain

Hushmail provides


  • With Hushmail, you don’t need additional email providers because we integrate the encryption component seamlessly with our email service. You are able to send and receive emails as with any regular email service, but you also have the option to encrypt your emails for extra protection. The encryption is automatic between Hushmail users. For everyone else, you can manage it with a checkbox located in the Compose window of our webmail.
  • Hushmail can be used immediately without installing any software or hardware because we are a fully hosted web-based service. Access your email from anywhere via a web browser or by setting up your Hushmail account in your favorite email app on your smartphone or PC.
  • Encryption between Hushmail users happens automatically, so you don’t even have to think about it. When emailing users outside our system, our on-demand encryption is easily managed with a checkbox. Just sign in to our webmail, compose a message and check the “Encrypted” box to send the message securely.
  • Privacy is our priority, not an afterthought. When you use Hushmail, you own your data and your emails are not analyzed to display advertising. Your data is never sold to anyone. Your IP address does not appear on the headers of the email.
  • We have a proven track record of providing industry-standard OpenPGP encryption to protect the contents of the email, ensuring its security, privacy, and authenticity. In addition, all communications between you and our servers use a secure connection (our A+ grade SSL/TLS connection is rated by Qualsys SSL Labs).
  • Two steps verification prevents unauthorized access to your Hushmail account by using a two-stage process to authenticate your identity from any device we don’t recognize. The first step is to sign in using your username and passphrase. The second step is entering a verification code that we’ll send to your mobile phone or an alternate email address. You can also obtain a verification code using a smartphone app.
  • Email sensitive information directly to your intended recipients, regardless of their email provider. They will be able to reply directly to your message and send documents securely, even if they don’t have a Hushmail account.
  • Aliases are alternate email addresses ending in Use these aliases to mask your real email address when you don’t feel comfortable disclosing it. Aliases point email to your existing Hushmail account and share the same inbox.
  • Location matters. The rules that apply to the protection of your data differ from one location to another. Enjoy some peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your data is stored only in Canada and under the protection of Canadian Law.
  • If you need help with Hushmail, you can always call, email, or chat with us. We will take the time to personally answer all your questions, understand your problem and do our best to find a solution.


Service Plans

Hushmail for personal use offers Premium and Premium + Desktop

Hushmail for business offers Hushmail for Healthcare, Hushmail for Small Business, Hushmail for Small Business Plus, and Hushmail for Enterprise


Hushmail for personal use

  • Premium – $34.99/year
  • Premium + Desktop – $49.98/year

Hushmail for business

  • Hushmail for Healthcare – $9.99/month and $9.99 for one time setup
  • Hushmail for Small Business – $5.99/month and $9.99 for one time setup
  • Hushmail for Small Business Plus – $7.99/month and $9.99 for one time setup
  • Hushmail for Enterprise – not specified in Hushmail website

Hushmail Plans Comparison

Hushmail for personal use


Hushmail for Business

Cannot be compared



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