Outlook.com Overview

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Outlook.com is provided by Microsoft. All information here is summarized from Outlook.com website.

Provided Email Address Domain

Outlook.com provides @hotmail.com, @outlook.com, and @outlook.country code top level domain


  • Outlook.com is a free email service built to keep you connected across your devices with powerful organizational tools and a suite of Microsoft apps and services.
  • Your Outlook.com address connects you to more than just your inbox. Sign in to Skype, find your contacts and Calendar, and work in Office Online.
  • Use your email address to access your messages, files, and other Microsoft apps on any device.
  • Outlook.com makes organizing your communications easy so you see more of the messages you want to see and less of the junk you don’t.
  • File or delete hundreds of emails from your inbox in seconds with Sweep. Manage rules to automatically delete unwanted email before it arrives.

Service Plans

Outlook.com offers Outlook.com and Ad-free Outlook.com (Hotmail Plus)


  • Outlook.com – Free
  • Ad-free Outlook.com – $19.95/year

Outlook.com Plans Comparison


Additional Information

Storage Limit can also be expanded by subscribing to Exchange Online Plan.




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